Snowboarding Program

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At ONE Team LLC we are different from other programs in the sense we are in addition to what you are already doing. Our program offers one, two, and three-day options to keep the focus on pushing through a tough trick, mental blocks, or mastery of a skill set. We keep the groups small, either one-on-one or up to three athletes. This way they get special, close attention and we can abide by Covid rules moving forward.

Disciplines include:

Slope style, Big Air, Half pipe, Rails and Boardercross or to fine tune turn drills & foundation

Available for Adaptive athletes too

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❖ One time annual registration fee $25

Daily rates:

   ▪ 1 day    @ $250

   ▪ 2 days @  $375

   ▪ 3 days @  $450

Cost covers:

   ▪ Goal setting

   ▪ Daily warm-ups/cool downs

   ▪ Focus on foundation

   ▪ Increased skill set

   ▪ Mental skills

   ▪ Recommendations on what to continue to work on, skill and goal wise

Dusty Henricksen - Gold finish at Youth Olympics

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