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Tumbling Program

Tumbling serves as a foundational body movement platform to help increase your athletic abilities across the board. It focuses on proper body mechanics to jump, perform a trick, and land. All in a safe manner while learning correct movement patterns to increase athletic longevity.

The beauty of tumbling is it can be used as a cross training tool at a gym, in a park, or at home. The way you move in the gym is the way you move on snow. Our program really emphasizes off-snow training being as important as the time we spend on snow. We believe in developing overall athletic individuals.


ALL ages welcome! (Yes, adults too.)

split handstand outside.png


❖ One time annual registration fee $25

   ▪ All genders

   ▪ Ages 2 +

One day a week, 4 classes per month

   ▪ 1 hr ages 2 - 5:  $65

   ▪ 1 hr ages 6 & up:  $85

   ▪ 1.5 hrs ages 6 & up:  $105

   ▪ Drop in:  $35 per individual class

Cost Includes:

      Intro to Tumbling skills

         ▪ Warm up/stretches

         ▪ Strength & conditioning

         ▪ Basic tumbling skills

             - Kicks, stance, approach

             - Forward & back rolls

             - Handstands, cartwheels

             - Round-offs

             - Back bend series

      Advance accordingly


Fitness Programs

▪ BASIC fitness programs available to condition for the up-coming ski & snowboard season.

▪ Intro to Tumbling

▪ In-progress: working towards personal trainer certificate

▪ Please inquire for more info

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